Top Hotel Destinations 2019


Wondering where to plan your next vacation? Head down to to get inspiration from the most beautiful hotel destinations you might not have ever seen before. Now plan that ultimate vacation at these top 10 vacation spots around the world.  


    Paris, France

    Like many other great countries France is definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit. The city of Paris is undeniably one of the most amazing and exciting places to be. The city holds cultural treasures like museums, fabulous shopping malls and some of the busiest cafés perfect for a sip of coffee with a fascinating view.  

    Newyork, USA

    As they say, New York is the City that never sleeps. Well the place truly deserves to be in everybody's wishlist. The city remains to be a fantastic choice for an executive getaway. Holding some of the most inspiring architecture and artistic scenes that are truly marvelous in sight. So get your hotels booked from and spend a lazy day in Central Park with many more options to explore natural city vibe which has diverse neighborhoods.  

    Rome, Italy

    The Enchantingly beautiful City of Rome has a long history of ancient monuments, churches and restored ruins that offer a glimpse into life during the days of the great Roman Empire. Celebrate the city’s festivals with enthusiasm. And immerse yourself in the most amazing culture that is truly magical and full of surprises.  

    Cancun, Mexico

  Cancun is Mexico is indeed a marvelous place with tons of beaches, luxurious hotels and a culture of exclusive night-life that will expose you to an atmosphere you have never experienced before. Cancun has been decorated on the Yucatan coast that makes it Mexico’s most popular tourist attractions of all time. Especially the Spring time is the most favorable season to visit this city.  

    London, England

    London is one of the most famous cosmopolitan cities in the world with a unique blend of historic traditions, hip hop culture, and modern life. The best activity to relax in London is to enjoy evening Coffee/Tea in a posh cafe to celebrate the City’s royal traditions to get in the feel. London is hub to some of the most exotic gourmet feast dinner restaurants.  

    Miami, Florida

    Miami in Florida is at The American Riviera which is home to Hollywood. To enjoy a vacation in the city, Miami's famous South Beach is truly a hot place to be year-round. The South Beach gives you a wonderful playground offering nightlife, sandy shores, unique architecture and plenty of eye candy.  

    Orlando, Florida

    Florida is home to fun with Orlando being famous for wild roller coasters, twisting waterslides and exciting theme-parks. Kids can enjoy the world of Mickey Mouse in Disney world with many other festivities being held all year round.   If you are planning a family vacation? Then check out these children friendly hotels  

    San Francisco, Florida

    San Francisco is the heart of California. Holding a love for appetite and good walking shoes to the City, you are sure to enjoy every part of it. For a wonderful and memorable experience in San Francisco don’t forget to climb aboard a cable car, peruse the farm-fresh goods at the Ferry Market, stroll through Golden Gate Park and board a ferry to the nearest island.  

    Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

  Myrtle Beach has one of the largest resorts along the coast of South Carolina. It is in the East Coast, being the ultimate vacation hub for all frequent travellers. The beautiful town looks majestic combined up with the light sunshine in summers. Here you can see some action along the Strands with tons of beaches, amusement parks and water slides, unique cuisine in exotic restaurants and live entertainment. South Carolina is host to tons of hotels, ready to pamper their guests.   Check out some of our picks for Hotels in South Carolina  

    Branson, Missouri

  Branson in Missouri is an unimaginable vacation destination that has a small-town charm but has big-city entertainment. Placed right in the heart of the famous Ozark Mountains. Every year millions of visitors travel to Branson watch a show at any of the famous theaters and enjoy some outdoor fun activities on the lake.